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News and information about everything what interests us at YurtCollection and YurtStore.

Tea stories Silk Road

thee cultuur safranbolu markt

New exhibition:
Tea stories along the Silk Road

The Silk Road has a rich tea culture. This fall we will share pictures, stories and traditions of the tea culture along the Silk Road. The exhibition is the YurtStore and online (facebook, instagram, twitter). We will allso host tea ceremonies, tea tastings and offer you the tasty semavuar tea in the YurtGarden.

You can be a part of the exhibition. How? Send your tea culture picture or story with the #YCteaculture via facebook, instagram, twitter or email it to info@yurtcollection.com

We will collect all #YCteaculture weekly and share them via our social media event. And the most beautiful picture and the most touching, interesting or relaxing story will be a part of the exposition in the YurtStore.

Exhibition at Yurtstore starts start from October 14th till November 18th 2017.

Interior Workout

interior workout yurt

YurtStore is the inspiration store of YurtCollection and inspiration is guaranteed on Sunday October 1st. Vanessa Kervezee of roomwit.styling will give an interior WorkOut at YurtStore. Vanessa is stylist, trend watcher, designer and blogger.

In this training she works with a new formula 'Interior 6Pack'. The participants will make a personal interior design plan in six steps for a room in their house. At the end of the training you will go home with a good interior design plan.

Every step of the 'Interior 6Pack' formula (style, colour, material, space, layout and experience) includes theory and lots of TIPS AND TRICKS.

When: Sunday, October 1th, 2016 from 13:00 till 17:00
Where : in the YurtStore, Zoutmanstraat 43A, The Hague
Price of the WorkOut is € 59,95 including a workbook, bites and drinks and a goodiebag.

Are you interested? Sign up here!



Starting Juli 26th until August 16th we will enjoy our summer break. During this period YurtStore is closed, but besides enjoying our family life and the sun, I will also visit several craft ateliers and designers in Turkey.

So, if you have any special request, and this could be anything; from an antique copper plate to custummade dining table and everything in between, please feel free to email me via gberk@yurtcollection.com for your searching requests. I will happily help you to find just that one unique item for your home!

Turkey is a country full with treasures. There are still communities using ancient crafts but on the other hand you will also find talented young designers who create contemporary design. For this reason, but off course also because of the sun, deslicious food and my family, I am looking forward to this summer holiday!

image via stekmagazine (featured here coppertable from YurtCollection)

summer in the city!

ontbijt zeeheldenkwartier

Even during the summer we have tons of fun activities in our neighbourhood Zeeheldenkwartier!

Starting with the culinair event 'Proef de Wijk' on June the 3rd on the Prins Hendrikplein where you can find all the restaurants and lunchrooms of our neighbourhood serving their signature dishes.

The next morning, June 4th, you can join the neigbourhood breakfast with your neighbours at the 'Pinksterontbijt'.

The Instatour is on Saturday the 24th, during this tour along the nicest hotspots you get tips and tricks for the best Instagram pictures.

On Wednesday 28th of June official opening by our mayor of the Zeeheldenfestival at 18:00h on the Prins Hendrikplein which will end on Sunday July 2nd. Saturday July 1st we will have an extra edition of the Flagshipmarket on the Prins Hendrikplein.

soroptimisten at YurtStore


On Saturday June the 10th, about 200 female professionals from the Soroptimists Netherlands celebrated the Inspirada 2017 in The Hague, with this year's theme Woman, Peace and Law. There were various activities that had a link with this theme.

One of the activities was a customized walk along passionate female entrepeneurs. Vanessa Kervezee of Roomwit styling organizes these customized designroutes. While walking you visit various hotspots where the entrepreneur, maker or artist shares his / her passion.

Of course, this walk was focused on the Inspirada theme and female professionals were visited. I was honered to be part of this tour and sharing my passion with 30 other professionals!

Soroptimisten are sisters, Sorores, who pursue the best, optimal. They introduce their knowledge and skills to improve the positions of women and girls worldwide.

Brandstore Zanat

yurtstore zanat

YurtCollection introduced for the first time to it's Dutch audience the young label Zanat, and ooh may, what a wonderful reactions we have received since then. We are very thrilled ourselves as well, because these designs fit perfectly in our collection.

Let me tell you why...the stunning artisan techniques of this Bosnian label Zanat (which means 'craft' in Bosnian) is a craft to be admired. Almost a century ago the founding fathers of Zanat discovered a primitive hand-carving technique that originated from a small village Konjic and passed this hand carving technique to the next generations. Today, after 4 generations!, this unique carving style is listed on the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List to be protected. But Zanat is more that that, they team-up with wonderful designers to make sure that these ancient techniques fit very well in this time. East and West, past and present, it all comes together in the beautiful collection of Zanat.

Meeting each other

yurtstore ontmoetingen designkwartier

Contemporary design of young designers from or inspired by the Silk Road come together in YurtStore. We think meeting each other inspires and stimulates people, so during festival Designkwartier we had a very pleasant get-together with several designers and labels at YurtStore. The atmosphere was great and it was so lovely to see that the audience during this event was very pleased to meet them, to hear all about their designs and admire their new work.

The Silk Road created for centuries a valuable exchange of views, knowledge and culture between the east and the west. Today, YurtCollection is creating a new exchange of views, knowledge and culture through inspiring and contemporary design.

This was exactly what I had in mind and what I wanted for YurtStore. Off course it is also an inspirationstore where you can buy beautiful products for your home, but most of all, it is a meetingplace and a platform for young designers and young labels with a connection to the Silk Road. A meetingplace between the West and East.

silkroad flavours


In order to give all designers a stage during Designkwartier festival, we have converted the YurtStore. The furniture of the Bosnian label Zanat has got a place in the store, the spot is ready where 'Blue Alchemy', the series of vases from Siba Sahabi, will be exposed. A new set of lighting of Atelier Robitiq has also been hung, the Otura Basic set from Rianne Koens has got a nice place and the rugs of Dostcha Living have arrived.

During the Designkwartier festival you will find in the YurtStore a program that stimulates all senses. In addition to beautiful designs that are a pleasure for the eye, it is also thought of the inner man.

The YurtGarden serves a variety of 'Silk Road' flavors. What about a light lunch plate consisting of different homemade tapenades from the south-east of Turkey with delicious bread? If you have an appetite for a hearty lunch, we offer a lunch plate with various salads with a Mediterranean flavor, such as a bulghur and a potato with lentil salad. Even if you're into something sweet, you're in the YurtGarden at the right place. Our tea is traditionally prepared in a semaver as you can drink in the countries along the Silk Road.

Take a moment and indulge yourself in our YurtGarden.

meet our designers


During Designkwartier festival the gathering of designers with different backgrounds and various crafts is a good example of what I would like to accomplish with YurtCollection as a platform.

Meeting and exchanging insights is the basis for the creation of beautiful new ideas and designs.

On 19-21 May, you can meet designers of five labels that are currently or soon to be found in YurtCollection. In this post I introduce three designers to you.

Design designer Rianne Koens of the Otura Designs label is present on Friday to explain her vision and the creation of her modular furniture. Each cabinet can be used separately and can also be combined to create a unique furniture.

The beautiful Fiber Pattern Lamp series is a beautiful example of a design that combines technology with traditional arts and crafts. Atelier Robotiq will also present their newest design, fresh from Milan into YurtStore: OUT OF ORDER lamp, a collaboration with design studio BCXSY.

Every rug is unique and has a story. Seval van Dostcha Living is also on Friday in YurtStore to tell about the creation of and stories about ancient and authentic rugs from Turkey.

Blue Alchemy & ZANAT


During coming Designkwartier festival, designer Siba Sahabi will be in the YurtStore with her bright blue edition of iconic felt vases, called ‘Blue Alchemy’. Siba is a true example of east meets west. Her designs show that an encounter between East and West creates an enrichment in art and design.

In her collection of seven vases made of felt, Siba revives the color 'Egyptian blue' and brings us back to an old ceramic workshop that served as a laboratory for alchemical experiments. Siba's vases are handmade from wrapped colored felt strips. An enlarged glass tube is placed in each felt vase, which allows the water to hold

With pride we present a new label at YurtCollection that perfectly fits our vision. The Bosnian label Zanat uses ancient techniques that have been nominated for the ‘Unesco World Intangible Cultural Heritage List’, but unites in contemporary design. East and West, present and past, it all comes together with craft and design in Zanat's designs.

With five aces in their field, delicious Silkroad-tasting flavors plus a DJ in our garden, and a pop-up showroom of the furniture brand 'Vrienden' in the house above the YurtStore, there are plenty of reasons to come to my store at Designkwartier. Hope to meet you soon!

On my way to Designkwartier

dk16 foto winkel no 34

The suitcases of my trip to Milan - Salone del Mobile - have just been unpacked, and I'm catching myself in the next adventure. This time not as a visitor, but as a participant in a major design event in my own neighborhood: Designkwartier Festival.

What makes Designkwartier Festival special for me? First of all, the location: where other events require the necessary mileage, Designkwartier carries on an area of ​​less than 1km at 1km. And it takes place in my own neighborhood, not an immense exhibition hall. The Zeeheldenkwartier (dutch for ‘naval hero’) in The Hague itself - is the set. There is a lot to discover in our area, also for the experienced locals. Design can be found everywhere; at the obvious locations – the design shops- and also on surprising places, such as museums, national monuments, hidden gardens and private residences.

The organization of this special festival is in full swing. For my contribution with YurtCollection I have nice ideas, with the beautiful city garden playing a role. With the 'zips & bites' team we have put together a Mediterranean-style bite card, and all bites have been tested at my house. A tough job, but somebody has to do it 😉.

Are you curious about what else to do in the YurtStore? Very soon I will tell you more about it. Stay tuned.



When you are in Milan during Salone del Mobile, things can seem like a total blur! The whole city is immersed in design; the palazzo’s, storewindows, pop-ups and even apartments and hotels are full with wonderful things to see. So, I was happy with the proper preparation I made before and my metro map! We started our design days near our apartment at the Tortona district and like we are used in this area, most presentations were imposing as usual. And off course we had to see the Dutch pavillion Masterly at the Palazzo Tutari near the Duomo, but the most extraordinary presentations were at the new location -Ventura Centrale- at the Central Station of Milan. The installations in the raw and edgy warehouses gave a magical and theatric atmospere!
For me, Milan is also a chance to meet new designers with roots or inspired by the Silk Road. My harvest after 4 days in Milan was surpising. I have discovered new labels and designers which I am very exited off, I have met several designers whom I already work with and saw new work of already estabilished designers. The British/Turkish designer Umut Yamac impressed me again this year. Last year with his Perch Light, but his new work inspired by the delicate balance of the natural world was even more poetic. The blossoming flower of his Bloom lighting or the Flutter in the form of a suspended branch with patinated leaves, suggesting various stages of decay, shows us that nature is still the best inspiration for beautiful design.

Image via umutyamac.com

To Milan


Coming week the design world will be in Milan again. It is time for the Milan Design Week, a.k.a. Salone del Mobile! For me Milan is always a destination that I relate with a few days full of beauty, novelties, prosecco and laughter with my friends. Off course, it is hard work as well, the kilometers I walk during those days is more than I usually walk in one month. But hey, it is worth it!

This year I had actually time to prepare myself for this annual event and mapped out our route. Our apartment is located at the Zona Tortona district, a perfect location to start, but as the established names are now dominante this area it is not very exiting anymore. The young garde has moved to other areas and we, the public, are following them. So you will see me at the Ventura Lambrate, Ventura Central and Isola Design District for fresh and new names and Spazio Rossana Orlandi and Nilufar Gallery because of my admiration for both of these ladies.


otura basic sale 2

Cleanup in the store means SALE!

To make room for new furniture and accessories that will arrive any time soon, some of our favorite items are for sale with discount up to 50%. For example these playful stackable Otura Basic cabinet from designer Rianne Koens, but also the Halat cabinet made with thick ropes and recycled oak wood are looking for a new home!

Of course, some lamps and accessories too, so you can create a different atmosphere in your home. Not all sale items are on the website, so come by to see if there is something for you.

And if you are not living in the neigbourhood but want to know if a specific items is still in stock or not, please call me or send me an email, I will happily help you.


imm cologne

zanat imm cologne

Europe's second largest design and interior event, held every year in Cologne Germany is definitely worth visiting! At the Cologne exhibition center, Koelnmesse, you will find over 1200 companies from 50 different countries showcase their newest products during the IMM COLOGNE fair.

If something unexpected happens in a product design, it makes me happy. And if this unexpected thing is combining ancient Eastern craftmanship with contemporary Nordic design I get even more excited. The collaboration between the young Bosnian label Zanat and the Swedish designer Monica Förster did make my heart sing! I hope to welcome this wonderful brand at YurtStore any time soon, so you can see yourself why it makes my heart sing! You will see what I see, quality craftmanship in a light and minimalistic design.

Go visit the the IMM Cologne fair if you are interested in the newest trends in the design and interior branche, it is just a few hours away from the Netherlands.

qatmer kelims


The journey, which heads to the foundation of the brand Qatmer, started on the market place in a small town at the Aegean riviera on a bright and sunny August day in 2013 with a trove: a saddlebag handwoven from goat hair. Natural, raw, simple, beautiful. The fascination and love towards the product turned immediately into inspiration and ideas. After 2 years of preparation 'Qatmer' was born as a rug and interior decoration brand and proudly presents their very first collection.

Qatmer kilims are robust rugs handmade from goat hair, which is known as a rough-textured material. Traditional elements, minimalistic design, the colors are harmonious and serve for a unique, authentic and individual atmosphere. Qatmer is a true match and good company for your interiors in industrial, urban, bohemian and minimalistic styles.

You are invited to see and touch the Qatmer kilims in the YurtStore now.

Photostyling workshop

workshop fotostyling kerst editie

Saturday afternoon, December the 3rd you can enjoy a workshop 'Photo styling' which wil be given in the YurtStore.

How to create inspiring and festive images for your Instagram, blog or website? Stylist and blogger Anuschka Odau of Hipaholic will give you tips and tricks, in Christmas-style.

Join us if you want to improve your social media, if you are planning to make your photos more creative for your business, social media, blog and website or just for fun! After a short introduction you will learn to make various compositions such as flatlays and display styling. You can register for the workshop by clicking here.

Saturday, December 3, 13:00 to 15:30.
€ 48, - for the workshop including: materials, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and treats.
Bring a charged smartphone and / or camera.

Both on Facebook of Hipaholic and YurtCollection and also on the Instagram page of Hipaholic you can see an impression of the afternoon.


bakk istanbuldan5

Fascinated by the crafts in Istanbul,the German designers Laura Jungmann, Dorothee Mainka, Pierre Force, Jonathan Radetz Florian Saul and Michael Wolke travel to Istanbul. Together they want to experience the iimpact of the environment, the city, as well as traditional production structures have on the design process and the design itself.

In historical craft districts Sishane and Galata you will still find a variety of small workshops. Each craftman is a specialist in specific materials or techniques. With the most simple machinery and within a minimum amount iof space, work is done and non- existing tolls improvised. Almost anything becomes possible as the individual cratsmen work hand in hand, supporting eacht other with their special skills as needed.

As part of the project Istanbul'dan products and concepts, show new ways and approaches to the art of design. It is also a tribute to Istanbul, the men and local craftsmanship. The exhibition opens on 21 October 16.00 and lasts until November 30, 2016 in the YurtStore

EastmeetsWest design


If Western designer labels, reliable technology and Turkish crafts find each other, there is a high probability that beautiful and super functionality will meet special materials in design. That is exactly the case with the collaboration between Erik Boogerd of Suit'd® Suits, Mehmet Akbaygil of Iznik Tiles and Ceramics and Hager Organization.

They have teamed up to design and manufacture an unique design with a functional and working oh so beautiful result: design switches and power outlet covers with oriental touch: 'Suited by Iznik'. The exclusive hand-painted covers will be available in two product lines: an unicolor designs based on the powerful colors of Iznik ceramic art and traditional motifs such as calligraphy based.

On November 3 was the presentation of the designer outlet covers: discover the past through innovation and design!



Two weeks after the opening of the exhibition of Istanbul’dan -a designers collective from Berlin- in Yurtstore, another event took place in our conceptstore. November the 5th Yurtstore was the host for an ‘Interior Workout’ given by Vanessa Kervezee of Roomwit. Everything starts with an idea, according to Vanessa, and during her workout she will help to develop this idea to a concrete plan.

A good start is half the battle, so prior to the workshop Vanessa had given all students homework: which room of their home would they like to change? The workshop started with a short briefing. All students received a workbook with customized content which Vanessa had prepared for each student. The workbook was the base for a customized interior plan with photos and inspiring questions during the workout.

After choosing favorite colors, fabrics and materials Vanessa helped the students with finding an interior style which fits their ideas. Vanessa and the students brainstormed about the possibilities of their area of choice, and how playing with colors, materials and light can change an interior. At the end of the workout all students left with lots of possibilities, plans and energy. Vanessa knows how to energize people and helps you visualizing your new favorite room. A job well done!

Curious how an ‘Interior workout’ can help you to create new possibilities? Check out the Roomwit site.



In October, I always look forward to an explosion of creativity and ideas that all comes together in the City of Light: Dutch Design Week, where designers with different backgrounds share their knowledge, vision and prototypes with us.

Dutch Design Week demonstrates the power of exchanging knowledge. Industrial techniques are applied in order to shape creativity, old ideas re-emerge in a modern setting, oriental patterns return in western designs. And exchanging knowledge is of course exactly where I stand for with Yurtcollection.

For me, as an expert of the Silk Road, designs with an Oriental and Asian twist always stands out. This year, for instance, I saw the project 'Domesticity Rethinking’ of the students of Istanbul Bilgi University. With this project they give traditional domesticity new forms. The exchange of ideas that Crafts Council Netherlands has facilitated also inspired me. Four young Dutch designers traveled to Kyushu (Japan) to investigate the indigo heritage of the Netherlands and Japan during a crafts exchange. I find it an instructive and wonderful result. Also the ‘Islamopolitan' project at the Design Perron touched me. Artists and designers with an Islamic background from all over the world gave through art and design their vision of the future of their faith. How will you get the feeling that you are in a mosque through your clothes? And how can you develop new patterns based on an analysis of ancient geometric patterns? Next year's Dutch Design Week will take place from 21th to 29th of October with Dutch artists as Mondriaan and De Stijl as the main theme. I can’t wait!

new arrivals

sandik kast

New arrivals at the store! With the summer just behind us, we are busy preparing YurtStore for cozy and warm winter months. After unpacking all furniture and accessoiries, they are ready for admiring and buying.

Natural materials such as warm oakwood give your interior instantly a warm and cozy atmosphere. The dresser Sandik (photo) of designer Muhammet Tasli is a piece of furniture with those qualities. The warm oak combines very well with different color combinations and is available in different sizes. Besides that, you can customize the drawers, doors en even open units to make this furniture more personal.

Feel free to come in, besides the furniture we have also new throws in warm fall and winter colors, olive oil based scented candles in brass, copper or glass containers and other accessoiries to add more warmth into your interior!

Interior workout0


YurtStore is the inspiration store of YurtCollection and inspiration is guaranteed on November 5th. Vanessa Kervezee of roomwit.styling gives an interior WorkOut at YurtStore. Vanessa is stylist, trend watcher, designer and blogger.

In this training she works with a new formula 'Interior 6Pack'. The participants will make a personal interior design plan in six steps for a room in their house. At the end of the training you will go home with a good interior design plan.

Every step of the 'Interior 6Pack' formula (style, colour, material, space, layout and experience) includes theory and lots of TIPS AND TRICKS.

When: Saturday, November 5th, 2016 from 10:00 to 14:00
Where : in the YurtStore, Zoutmanstraat 43A, The Hague
Price of the WorkOut is € 59 including a workbook, healthy lunch, drinks and a goodiebag.

Are you interested? Sign up here!

Maison et Objet


Under the guise of 'Paris is always a good idea' I have visited the Maison et Objet fair in Paris last weekend. It’s very different from the Salone del Mobile in Milan, this fair is more a trade event. Interior labels and producers from all over the world show their best side because there are always many buyers at this event.

The theme of Maison et Object 'Lets call the world home’ appealed to me immediately! Various cultures connected with each other is something that always does something to me. At Seletti there was for example a surreal Persian rug with a woman who jumps out of the rug, very crazy and unconventional. But he, there is no accounting for tastes. Fortunately I saw much more subdued connections between the east and west like at the hub of Serax with beautiful hand-painted collection 'Milieux Fox tables' of designer Isabelle de Borchgrave with delicate paper tableware inspired by Tunisian and Coptic ceramics.

Besides the fair, there was also time to stroll around in Paris and enjoy the the good life, so in my opinion Paris is always a good idea!

Feel Good Fest


‘East meets West’ at the Feel Good Festival in YurtStore. On September 3rd you can drink real Turkish coffee in YurtStore, and on top of that a fortune teller will predict your future by looking at the coffee grounds, the dregs remaining after brewing coffee.

The anticipatory pleasure starts already with the ritual of preparing the coffee, drinking it and reversing the cup. Each activity carries the tension a bit so fortune telling will take place in a nice atmosphere.

The Turks themselves do not believe in predictions but have massively embraced this way of fortune telling.

Is it a superstition ? Of course!
Is it fun? YES!

You are welcome on September 3rd to try it. Of course you are also welcome if you are just curious about our furniture.

Hozan Zangana designs

sufi hozan zangana

During Designkwartier 2015 Hozan Zangana presented already some of his designs in the YurtStore. Hozan his passion for designs and my passion for beauty match perfectly and the fact that Hozan's designs fit very well in the YurtCollection are the reason that his designs are part of the YurtCollection now. You are welcome to admire and buy them in YurtStore.

Hozan Zangana is inspired by language, tradition and rituals. The essential elements in our world that do not occupy any physical space. His objects offer a new life to old heritages.

Hozan Zangana was born and raised in Kirkuk in the north of Iraq. He was fifteen years old when he applied for asylum in The Netherlands in 1998. His future starts a decade later when he decides to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Not an obvious choice, given the road he had to travel, but it is exactly this background that will determine the essence of his design practice.

New in YurtCollection

raha ansari landscape 1

Design from or inspired by the Silk Road is something I'm really passionate about and offer them a platform at YurtStore.

I am really excited to announce that the Adornment Collection of Raha Ansari is part of YurtCollection. Her wearable adornments inspired from traditional cultures and costumes are a perfect connection between the East and West.

Exploring how adornments in different cultures display dominance, power, status or beauty in women or men with a focus on artisanal ways of production, craft and natural potential and integrity of material.

Raha Ansari was born and raised in Tabriz, Iran. She moved to London to study and graduated with distinction in MSc Computer Animation from University of Westminster London. After few years working as a multimedia designer and 3D modeller, she followed her passion in craft design. She was trained in the Netherlands and in London (Design Academy Eindhoven, ARTez and University of Arts London) before opening her studio in 2014 in The Hague.

newest designs


The newest designs of Atelier Robotiq now in YurtStore!

The Iridescent edition of the Fiber Pattern Lamp is, after the Salone del Mobile last April, shown for the first time in the Netherlands in YurtStore during Designkwartier. This special edition is inspired by the lightness and iridescent colours of the dragonfly and butterfly wings. Depending from which angle you look at this lamp you see violet and petrol blue glow on the fibers. This special edition is available in size large.

Atelier Robotiq experiments with fibers and robotic weaving techniques to make lightweight 3D fiber structures with geometrical weave patterns. The Fiber Pattern Lamp series are designed using mathematical models and wound with an industrial robot.

The colours chalk white, charcoal black and copper are available 3 different sizes with diameter 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm in an open or full pattern.

workshop photostyling


How to create inspirational photos for your Instagram page, blog or website? Last Saturday YurtStore was a stage for a creative workshop photo styling.

Stylist and blogger Anuschka Odau of Hipaholic explained the participants how to use the smartphone for better photo's. After a brief introduction the participants were busy making flatlays. A flat what? A flatlay is one of the most common type of photos on Instagram: This is a beautiful composition with props you shoot from above. There was also some practise with display styling and off course exchange of tips and tricks for better pictures with your smartphone. Do you want to know how the afternoon looked like? Both on Facebook of Hipaholic and YurtCollection and also on the Instagram page of Hipaholic you can see an impression of the afternoon. And if you want to join a creative workshop like this sometime, we will keep you posted via our website and Facebook. As soon as we have new dates, we will share them with you.


proef de wijk

The Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague is a must visit neighbourhood! We are still dizzying from the fabulous design festival #Designkwartier of last weekend and have already a new event on the program. This time we will tickle our tastebuds. Saturday the 4th of June is time for Proef de Wijk (Taste of the Neighbourhood). A food festival where all restaurants and lunch rooms of Zeeheldenkwartier district in The Hague will present their signature dish. During this culinary event the Prins Hendrikplein will be transformed into one giant open-air restaurant, where you can try small snacks or put together an entire meal!

But there is more to come! Every month or even more than once in a month, we have several events in our neighbourhood. Take a look, I'm sure you will enjoy them!

Instatour, 18 June, info@deprkliniek.nl
Workshop Photography Styling, 25 June at YurtStore
Zeeheldenfestival, 29 June - 3 July
Outdoor Solar Cinema, 2 September
Feelgoodfest, 3 September
Pure Buren, 2 October
Flagshipmarket, 2 October



In the last weekend of May, our district will be marked by innovative design. Established designers and starting talents will stand side by side on the best spots of Zeeheldenkwartier.

YurtStore is part of this event. With YurtStore I, Güler Berk, offer a platform for young upcoming designers from countries along the Silk Road. These young designers bring new stories and insights to life by design. For me, a good design starts with the story and passion of the designer. Some designers express their story by using traditional crafts. Some designers find inspiration in re-use of materials. And others are passionate about color and traditional fabrics. For centuries the Silk Road created a valuable exchange of views, knowledge and culture between the East and the West. I want to continue this exchange with inspiring and contemporary designs of young designers from the Silk Road.

Festival Designkwartier will be held from Friday 27th May till Sunday 29th May in the vibrant Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague.

Salone del Mobile


Last week we have enjoyed ourselves! Together with blogger and stylist Anuschka of Hipaholic we traveled to Milan and immersed ourselves in design. Hardly to take it all at Salone del Mobile, because during the world's largest design event it seems that every shop window and courtyard offers something that has to do with creativity. I set myself as goal to discover 'new' talents from countries along the Silk Road. Boy o boy, we have walked from the Zona Tortona to Spazio Rosanna Orlandi and from Brera to Ventura Lambrate. And I'm very happy with what I saw. Designers like Marcel Wanders and Edward van Vliet were clearly inspired by the 'East' with carpets and lighting inspired by oriental colors and patterns. At the presentation of Moooi there was even a lovely Eastern tune! In addition to the established names I met young talents with roots in the Silk Road whereby their background was clearly the essence of their designs, such as Hozan Zangana, Ebru Durmaz and Richard Yasmine. With a smile on my face I look back, yes 'East meets West in Milan!'.


via tortona milano

In preparation for Milan Design Week the tension in the interior design industry increases. Every meeting or conversation with interior related professionals ends with 'Do I see you in Milan?' Anyone who works in this business knows that it all happens during the Salone del Mobile. Whether for product launches or scouting new talent, whatever your goal is, it's hard work. No seriously! Besides the huge exhibition halls (total 207,000 m2!) there is also a lot to see throughout the entire city. At various locations from chique lofts to warehouses you will find presentations from established brands to young designers who present their work for the first time to the public. During Salone del Mobile Milan is fascinated by design and is reaffirming Milan's role as the Capital of Design. And I, I hope to spot young talents from the Silkroad!

Nude in the YurtCollection

loft collection nude

As one of the world’s top three home glassware manufacturers Şişecam Group’s first global brand Nude stands out with its special design objects created by top designers including Ron Arad, Rony Plesl and Alev Ebüzziya.

The aim was to create a timeless, modern and contemporary brand that harnessed both the Mediterranean warmth and the Scandinavian simplicity. Istanbul is a city that has all of these elements. It’s a global city where the east meets the west. This city also became the birth place of Nude and that’s why the products are marked with ‘Designed in Istanbul’

Stop by and see how naturally the Nude designs fit into your interior.

Pay it Forward

pay it forward yurtstore nieuws

Tuesday 8th of March was International Women's Day. On Sunday March 13th The Hague University opened it's doors for the celebration of International Women's Day in The Hague. The central theme was 'Pay it forward'; the importance of passing on experiences, norms and values, economic independence and female employment to future generations. It was an afternoon full with activities, workshops and inspiring women. Together with other inspirational women, I held inspiration sessions at the Atrium of The Hague University.

For more information http://bit.ly/24NCmrQ

YurtCollection on Dutch TV

guler winkel mieuw

In "Hart voor de Zaak", a six-part documentary about entrepreneurship and personal development, four young entrepreneurs and their coaches have been followed for a year. One of the entrepreneurs is me, as the owner of YurtCollection and YurtStore.

This documentary shows my development as an entrepreneur, and also the creation of YurtCollection is well portrayed. Every episodes shows a different aspect of being an entrepeneur. What are the motivations of all four entrepeneurs? What do you do in a headwind or damage? How do you learn from your mistakes? What are the pitfalls and how to cope with them? How to find the balance between work and private life? And, off course, what did I learn from this coaching project?

The broadcasts of the episodes one to six can be seen here. A trailer of the documentary can be seen by clicking this link (Dutch spoken).

Gift Ideas


YurtCollection also sells accessories made by designers from, or inspired by the Silkroad. The accessories are made with natural materials and are nice to give or receive.

These hummingbird oilpitchers (and milkpitchers) from porcelain are designed and produced by Mânâ Yıldız. The porcelain Hummingbird bands together by locking its lid into its body. The forms that she creates from valuable materials are to open up the senses that lead to new dialogues and rituals.

Available in YurtStore in the colors Petrol Green, White and Black.

robotiq at YurtStore


YurtCollection is about exchange of knowledge between east and west, craftmenship combining newest techniques. Thats why we are very enthusiatic about our new partner Atelier Robotiq based in Rotterdam.

Atelier Robotiq experiments with fibers and robotic weaving techniques to make lightweight 3D fiber structures with geometrical weave patterns. The Fiber Pattern Lamp series are designed using mathematical models and wound with an industrial robot.

The Fiber Pattern Lamps of Atelier Robotiq are now part of the YurtCollection.
Curious about the lamps? Stop by at YurtStore to see them.

Visiting designers

gül bezoek hamm dec 2015

YurtStore offers a platform for contemporary design of young upcoming designers from, or inspired by the Silk Road. If the designers live abroad direct contact is important. The last few days of 2015 I spent some time to meet several designers.

I visited a couple of ateliers together with Muhammet Tasli, the co-founder of Ham:m, which is one of the largest brands of YurtCollection. During our visit various craftsmen informed me about the used materials and their production process.

We have discussed our plans for 2016. It was very inspiring and I am looking forward to realize our plans in 2016.

ebru workshop

invitation yurtstore en ebruze

Ebru is the art of taking a print from ink floating on water and transforming it into something vibrant and colourful. It originated in Japan and came along the Silk Road to Turkey. Rotterdam based artist Ebru (named after the art form) combines fresh and contemporary design with this ancient tradition.

Discover Ebru art yourself by creating unique shapes and wonderful colour palettes on your own silk scarf. Ebru will first demonstrate some techniques and after that the fun and creativity can start. Join this workshop alone, with a friend or you can give the workshop or scarf as as gift! The workshop is on 19th of December from 14.00 till 17.00h. The fee is € 75 and includes all required materials, a silk scarf, drinks and bites.

Great gifts


YurtCollection also sells accesoires made by designers from or inspired by the Silkroad. The accesoires are fairtrade and nice to give or receive.

These copper triple bowls are designed by NYKS and made by copper craftsmen from Diyarbakir (East-Anatolia) and available in YurtStore for € 29,- in a set of 3. They are also in brass available € 29,- for a set of 3.
The handpoured olive oil based candles with natural scents (without any paraffin or chemical die) are presented in containers made of re-cycled glass, copper, brass or nickel crafted by local craftsmen. Price varies between € 19 and € 59

Styling Workshop


Would you like to have a creative workshop in a beautiful location? Then join the Interior Styling Workshop given by Hipaholic in YurtStore. In this workshop you will learn how to create your own style by making a moodboard and how to set-up little styled displays. Autumn has arrived and we are more often inside. So, it is a perfect time to create cozy atmospheres at home!

When: Saturday 21 November 2015,
14:00 - 16:30
Where: YurtStore, Zoutmanstraat 43A,
The Hague

Feel free to look on Hipaholic for more information and registration ar send a email to info@hipaholic.nl



In the latest happy.home you can read how to give your home a heart in a series of interviews.
I, Güler Berk, am one of the interviewees. The fact that I was asked for this portrait was already nice of course and now happy.home, the home special of magazine Happinez, is published, I'm very proud of the result. My compliments to the photographer, stylist and the interviewer.

"The stuff with which you surround yourself, reflects your identity," is the title of the interview, and I tell in the interview how I give YurtStore and my house a heart to be my home.

VTwonen & design


Last Friday I visited the VTwonen & design fair where Ariadne at Home created a great pop-up Bed & Breakfast. Five rural guest rooms and each of them were decorated in different themes. A kitchen where the breakfasts was ready for the guests and an inviting lobby with wicker lightings. At the end of the hallway a wall full of mirrors from YurtStore. Ekmek Ayna, as the mirrors are called, are available in four different sizes in natural wood or in black. Ekmek Ayna is a design by the young design label Ham:m from Istanbul.

The theme of this year Old masters, New heroes was well exposed during the fair. I saw carpets and wallpaper that reminds you of the still lifes of the Dutch masters. Or blankets woven by the old masters, but in a new and fresh design. There was a lot of green as well, we want to bring nature back in our homes. Not only with plants, but also with botanical patterns, fabrics and posters. The colours at this fair were rich and deep, like ocher yellow/brass in combination with dark blue, dark purple and burgundy.



For the first time ever, “The FeelGoodFest” will take place in The Hague! And it’s free too! It will all happen on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. Visitors of the festival can make a tour through the neighborhood getting acquainted with the many FeelGoodcompanies that are located in the Zeeheldenkwartier in an informal and accessible way. The FeelGoodFest brings you back to the core.

The popular Zeeheldenkwartier will be transformed into a feelgood Walhalla with a versatile program: from Yoga to Juice, from Meditation to Massage, from FairTrade to Vintage; the FeelGoodFest offers everything to make you feel good.

Especially for the FeelGoodFest YurtStore offers the PUMPKIN floor cushion for a special price. The PUMPKIN is a big jolly floor cushion made of vintage fabrics from Central Asia.

The FeelGoodFest is all about enjoying ourselves!

Interior & Design


Late summer comes with a rush if you work in the interior industry. Whether you work in the design industry or you need inspiration for your work or living environment, there are many design and interior events this fall. You can visit several events in the Netherlands, but also a little further in Europe. Some of these events attracts visitors from all over the world, some are smaller and have a more intimate atmosphere. I listed the best design events for you and will also report some.

One news item that I can already share is that the YurtStore mirrors will be shown at the Ariadne at Home stand during VTwonen & Design Fair from 29 September until 4 October in the RAI in Amsterdam.

10/9 – 13/9 Salon Residence
19/9 – 27/9 London Design Festival
29/9 – 4/10 VTwonen & Designbeurs
29/9 - 4/10 The Design Circle
14/10 – 18/10 Istanbul Design Week
17/10 – 25/10 Dutch Design Week
31/10 – 1/11 Elle Festival
27/11 – 29/11 Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht



Last night a big truck with new designs arrived at YurtStore.

We are very proud of all new designs in the YurtCollection like the hand knotted vintage rugs and the sturdy coffee table 'girift' with black marble top and geometric frame of solid oak wood.

When we have finished unpacking all the new furniture and accesoires, we will share them with you as soon as possible on our website, facebook and instagram.

Nice to Have


We are pleased to introduce our newest label in the YurtCollection: Nice to have.

Nice to Have is about two young people, Özgür Atmaca and Ezgi Çınarlı, who share the tools and the knowledge inherited from the family. They have a good understanding of various materials and processing methods to form handmade products we love to use in our everyday life. Functionality is their aim and they love details.

Özgür Atmaca and Ezgi Çınarlı have a family owned wood workshop and sewing machines left from 90’s in another atelier residing under their studio.

It is nice to have the artwork, the cushions and market tote bags in YurtStore.

summer at YurtStore


To celebrate the holiday season we have selected some high quality hammam towels. Designed with a contemporary colour palette, these hammam towels are an elegant lifestyle accessory. Whether you use them as a beach towel, a picnic rug, a table cloth or even as a shawl, enjoy the summer with a bohemian and edgy look.

All hammam towels at YurtStore are hand loomed by a small community of craftspeople in Turkey with 100% natural materials like cotton and bamboo. They are very absorbent, lightweight and dry quickly, therefore perfect for travelling.

The hammam towel (in Turkish pestemal) has been a tradition in Turkish baths for centuries. They are still produced in the same way as they have been for generations. Traditionaly the hammam towel is used to specify which region people are from and is part of a deep cultural tradition. Each area in Turkey has its own style and colour.



On Thursday 18th of June YurtStore will participate at Ladies Night, an event especially for all women interested in design and fashion, held in the Gemeentemuseum, Stadhouderslaan 41 in The Hague. Ladies Night starts at 19.30.

Several curators of the museum will tell you about the fascinating world of Dutch fashion designers and designers of the Haagsche School. In addition to these readings you can experiance a fashion show and you can get started with drawing landscapes. And don't forget to take a look at the much-discussed photo exhibition by Anton Corbijn, the photographer of great celebrities as David Bowie and Bob Dylan.

In the Tuinzaal of the museum you can find YurtStore with a selection of it's design products like tulip shaped cups, hamam towels, tablecloth, hand-made pillows and other small design products.

Meet us at designkwartier


Coming weekend, from Friday 29th of May until 31st of May, YurtStore will take part of the second edition of Designkwartier Festival in Zeeheldenkwartier, near the centre of The Hague. Designkwartier presents work of known and upcoming designers in more than 40 stores and pop-up locations.

YurtStore will present work of Hozan Zangana, a young designer who is inspired by materials, shapes and forms found in countries along the Silk Road. During this weekend a part of his collection, 'Haft Sin', 'Baharat' and 'Hawen', will be on display at YurtStore. Hozan himself will be present from time to time to tell you about his designs.

I hope to meet you this coming weekend!

Grand opening of YurtStore


On the first day of May, YurtStore, the inspiration store of YurtCollection, opened its doors in the heart of the design district of The Hague ('Zeeheldenkwartier'), near The Hague's centre. One of the leading design bloggers described YurtStore as 'one of the most surprising stores of The Hague' and 'a Must Visit if you are in the Hague for shopping'. You can read the entire report here (article is in Dutch).

If you want to find out what is special about YurtStore, come visit us at Zoutmanstraat 43a. We are open from Tuesday until Saturday, 11.00 - 17.00.

T: +31 6 23349818
E: info@yurtcollection.com
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