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For YurtCollection, a good design starts with the story of the designer. Some designers express their story by using traditional crafts. Some designers find inspiration in re-use of materials. And others find passion in colour and traditional fabrics. Craftsmanship, natural materials and re-use of materials make these designs unique. We hereby present the designers of our main collection.

hozan zangana


Hozan Zangana is inspired by language, tradition and rituals.
The essential elements in our world that do not occupy any physical space.

Zangana’s objects offer a new life to old heritages.

Hozan Zangana was born and raised in Kirkuk in the north of Iraq. He was fifteen years old when he applied for asylum in The Netherlands in 1998. His future starts a decade later when he decides to study at Design Academy Eindhoven. Not an obvious choice, given the road he had to travel, but it is exactly this background that will determine the essence of his design practice.

Jo Supara&Ali Tarakcı


By combining vintage and traditional fabrics with new materials, the designer duo Jo Supara and Ali Tarakcı creates original, contemporary hand-crafted, bespoke, furniture and home accessories. They examine every tiny detail of the fabrics carefully and repair where necessary. Each piece of fabric finds its new destination in one piece of furniture. That makes each piece of furniture unique in its kind.

The creations are made by hand and to order, designed and built to last with a timeless quality. The design combines a style of artistic lines and form to detail and sensitivity of materials.

Mânâ Yıldız


Mânâ Yıldız studied at The Design Academy, The Netherlands and designs primarily tableware. Besides designing, she also produces her own porcelain tableware.

Yıldız aims to create a visual language through her designs. Her inspiration source is the body language, the mimic and the gestures. Our manners are a silent way of telling what goes on in our mind and Mânâ Yıldız is inspired the most from this silent dialogue and its visual appearance. Regarding this, her voluptuous Tulip cups evoke a reference to the human body when holding them close in your hands.

Light weight, refined and subtle designs with interesting colour combinations are characteristics of her work.

Rianne Koens


Rianne Koens graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Her graduation project 'Peelpride' got awarded and her stackable 'Otura cabinet' got nominated. Thanks to this success she launched the design label Otura in 2012.

Otura Design is a collection of interior objects designed by Rianne Koens. It’s inspired by the Turkish culture and created in Istanbul. This down-to-earth Dutch designer, who’s both working and living in this Turkish metropolis, is enthusiastic about the daily rituals of the Turkish household and the craft still existing in this country. Therefore, the products of her label Otura Design are an exciting crossroad between East and West.

Otura Designs fit perfect in YurtCollection.

Photo: Rene van der Hulst

Muhammet Taşlı


Muhammet Taşlı is a young talented designer who uses natural materials for his designs. His filosofy is that every design has to be mature and emits excitement.
His designs like the 'girift''(table with marble top) and 'büfet' (sideboard) are beatiful examples of his filosofy. Muhammet Taşlı is one of the Turkish designers who not only have the potential to seek for better designs but also have the eagerness.

We will see more of their designs in the future.

Muhammet Taşlı is the cofounder of ham:m design, a furniture brand from Istanbul that combines tradional craftmenship with contemporary design with the ambition of creating materpieces.

Atelier Robotiq

anne liese

Atelier Robotiq is about craftmenship combining newest techniques. That and the fabululeos geometric patterns are the reason why we are very enthusiastic about Atelier Robotiq based in Rotterdam.

Atelier Robotiq is a design studio founded by designers Søren Blomaard, Dimitrios Iakovou and Anne-Lise Heydra. Their different approach to design lies in the diverse combination of knowledge and their different backgrounds combining aerospace engineering, product design, fine arts and robotics. This unique combination leads to unexpected and exciting products.

One of their first designs is the UFO shaped Fiber Pattern Lamp. Weighing only 95 grams (while measuring 61 centimeters in diameter) it literally floats in the air with a breeze of wind. The open fiber structures of the Fiber Pattern Lamps create fascinating light and shadow effects.


tugce oza1

Tugce Tugran is the founder of Oza. Born and raised in Izmir (Turkey), she lived and worked in Istanbul and Brussels. Her professional and academic background covers a variety of subjects and fields like project management, environmental campaigning and anthropology. She believes the world needs more human scale interaction and ethical consideration when it comes to production, so she tries to contribute her modest share. In its broadest definition, Oza is a project that rests upon loose collaborations between crafts(wo)men, artists and designers. It seeks to preserve and value the ancient know-how and craftsmanship of Anatolia using different media, but mostly contemporary design and artistic production.

Oza products are designed in different parts of the world by people who share the same vision and produced partially or entirely in Turkey. The ambition of Oza is to preserve endangered know-how while creating employment and reducing our impact on the planet.

Raha Ansari


Raha Ansari is a The Hague based studio, designing and crafting wearable adornments, inspired from traditional cultures and costumes.

Exploring how adornments in different cultures display dominance, power, status or beauty in women or men with a focus on artisanal ways of production, craft and natural potential and integrity of material.

Raha Ansari was born and raised in Tabriz, Iran. She moved to London to study and graduated with distinction in MSc Computer Animation from University of Westminster London.

After few years working as a multimedia designer and freelance 3D modeller, she followed her passion in craft design. She was trained in the Netherlands and in London, where she attended the Design Academy (Eindhoven) and University of Arts London and ARTez before opening her studio in 2014 in The Hague.

Ebru Durmaz

ebru durmaz

Rotterdam based label Ebruze was started in 2009 by Ebru Durmaz, who is named after this magnificent art form. Her mother loves this tradition so much that she named her only daughter after this, to wish a life full of beauty, art and creativity for her.

As a young ambitious designer, Ebru combines fresh influences with this ancient tradition, adapting it to modern times. "This technique is very old, but deserves a place in our digital times. It is more than just painting nice pictures, the way an image is created by hand, with pure natural products only, is just so inspiring to me. The technique still amazes me every time. I feel that in our electronic time, ancient crafts like these can bring us unexpected beauty."


foto stoned gasten

Stoned was founded by Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet. They want marble reintroduce to the Dutch interiors as a sexy, cocky and contemporary product. Marble is rock and roll!

With their label Stoned Derkan and John intend to make marble accessible. By using marble in a different way they want to strip its kitsch image and return as a basic in the contemporary interior.

Stoned is partly formed from an idealistic point of view and that is why recently a foundation 'Art Start' is founded by Derkan and John. A foundation that starting young artists, filmmakers, theater artists and designers can give a financial kick. A fixed percentage of the profits will benefit the foundation.

Selen Öztürk


The founder of Mesele, Selen Öztürk, has a personal matter.

'I believe that to be successful, you need to find a matter that you believe in. For the past 20 years I have seen Turkey export its wealth to the rest of the world in the form of its quality raw materials, which have been more appreciated abroad than in our own country, a fact which has always saddened me. My personal matter has been to take our cultural richness, along with our high quality and original materials, and combine them with traditional methods practiced for thousands of years and gives better results even than today’s technology to create a new brand'.

Nursultan Barun

nursultan barun kopie

Nursultan Barun started her education in Anadolu University, Eskişehir department of Industrial Product Design between and studied in University of Genoa, Italy department of Industrial Product Design.

Designing a product is like taking a picture with an analog camera. It is exciting to finish a product design and to see the result without any manipulation.

Gülsüm Durmuş


Gülsüm Durmuş has a passion for elegance. This passion shines on al het designs like the side table Zarife.

Gülsüm Durmuş joined the ID + ISTANBUL to contribute timeless products and reach people who enjoy their furniture to become old.

İdil Özbek


İdil Özbek's designs have an antique value instead of using today's throwaway furniture. If possible she uses traditional techniques and develops these techniques.

İdil Özbek is one of the founders of HAM:M, a project with several young designers using raw and natural materials allowing the balance and spirit of nature in the furniture.



FIGR1 is an interior design label based in Eindhoven - The Netherlands.

Hosun, a product designer with roots in China likes to play with form and function. With his user centered approach he strives to be functional and affordable. Shirley, on the other hand, a concept designer with a strong sense for visuals poetry, tactility, material and colour. Never settling for the obvious.

These two totally different designers work together to create interior elements for daily use. Simplistic, minimalistic, useable design figures.

FIGR1 is their first project together. They wanted a modulair design with many functions.

Nice to have


Nice to Have is about two young people, Özgür Atmaca and Ezgi Çınarlı, who share the tools and the knowledge inherited from their family. They have a good understanding of various materials and processing methods to form handmade products we love to use in our everyday life. Functionality is their aim and they love details.

Özgür Atmaca and Ezgi Çınarlı have a family owned wood workshop and they own sewing machines left from the nineties in another atelier residing under their studio in Istanbul.

It is Nice to Have the artworks, the cushions and market tote bags in YurtStore.



NKYS, who takes her name from the night Goddess of Greek Mythology, combines the workmanship with the scents specific to Turkey. Deniz Yurtkuran and Merve Tatari are the designers behind the NYKS label.

The products of NYKS are made of Diyarbakir copper, re-cycled glass and brass which were crafted by local Turkish craftsmen.

Without using paraffin, or chemical die, the NYKS candles are produced from the olive oil of Adatepe, takes its fragrance from the oils of the fresh plants and trees which were obtained from every corner of Anatolia, The Aegean, The Mediterranean and The Black Sea regions.



In Hammam34, simplicity meets boldness with a strong love for travel, design and nature, all with an aim to reinterpret our roots.

Hammam34 is a brand that produces home & travel related design objects for the city-tired, incurable day-dreamer...

Hammam34 is founded in Amsterdam in autumn 2012 by Burcu Yurtoglu and Semra Celebi. The studio works on the exploration of the convergence of cultures, design and fine craftmanship.

Şeyda Doğan


Şeyda Doğan is in love with oak. She thinks and proves that it is possible to design beautiful furniture without damaging the planet. Şeyda Doğan’s designs are an inspiring mix of traditional and modern styles. Each unique piece is handmade. Her designs are a blend of traditional and modern motifs into their work, with an emphasis on natural wood structures.

To emphasize her love for recycled wooden furniture Şeyda Doğan started five years ago a recycle project called Hane 78.



'Nature Of The Things'

The NOTT label was founded by Ezgi Dikdere. Ezgi Dikdere studied at the Marmara University at the Faculty of Fine Arts where she specialized in fiber art and textile art.

With the NOTT label Ezgi Dikdere designs and produces jewelry that comes from nature, are worn on the skin and can also return back to nature.

NOTT is an allusion to the coincidence of the divine with nature. Ezgi uses only botanical colouring and natural yarns for her designs.
The jewelry comes from nature, are patiently woven by hand and carry the beauty of nature to the city.


nude loft wine karaf glass

As one of the world’s top three home glassware manufacturers Şişecam Group’s first global label Nude stands out with its special design objects created by top designers including Ron Arad, Rony Plesl and Alev Ebüzziya.

The aim was to create a timeless, modern and contemporary label that harnessed both the Mediterranean warmth and the Scandinavian simplicity. Istanbul is a city that has all of these elements. It’s a global city where the east meets the west. This city also became the birth place of Nude and that’s why the products are marked with ‘Designed in Istanbul’.

Sebnem Gemalmaz


Inspired by city life, architecture, art and light, Urbanbake creates unique, contemporary jewellery pieces. The designer of the brand, Sebnem Gemalmaz, a Stockholm based lighting designer is experimenting different materials like marble, concrete and electronic pieces to tell recycled urban stories. Sometimes architectural details of a great building, sometimes a little scene captured in the city can be a formgiver of her design.

The design simplicity of the brand is derived from Scandinavian grace that influenced the designer deeply, during the years she lived in Stockholm; the humour and the colours of the items are the reflection of the chaotic and magical life of Istanbul.

Studio Paratoner

paratoner istanbul

Cüneyt Ara, Ender Yolcu and Erdem Keskin worked together since 2003 on projects to bring original ideas to a functional life. They founded Studio Paratoner in 2009 when they started designing products together.

Designs of Paratoner show creative and functional solution, depending on the specific design of each project for a perfect harmony. For the living area projects they designed furniture and lighting.

Studio Parotoner is based in Istanbul and works with clients worldwide.

Haslet Alp


Haslet Alp is the founder of the fairtrade rugs and interoir brand Qatmer. His journey, which heads to the foundation of the brand Qatmer, started on the market place in a small town at the Aegean Riviera in august 2013 with a trove: a saddlebag handwoven from goat hair. natural, raw, simple, beautiful. the fascination and love towards the product turned immediately into inspiration and ideas. after 2 years of preparation, “Qatmer” was born as a rug and interior decoration brand.

Esthetic, design and functionality are the grounding elements of Qatmer. Qatmer designs are produced with respect towards people and nature.

stichting vrolijk

logo stichting vrolijk aangepast

Vrolijk (happy) Foundation has a small sustainable workplace for women who require care or social need in The Hague. Accompanied by a therapist and with the help of volunteers these women make felt products by hand in a safe and familiar environment. Outside the hectic everyday life and caring attention they create sustainable, unique products such as soaps and they knit pillows for YurtCollection too.

The women work with the sheep on the land shaving, washing and carding coats in the summer. With the wool of sheep they make felt items in the workplace of Vrolijk Foundation.

Part of the wool is dyed with the plants from their own garden. There is every season something special to do. The positive, solution-oriented approach of the Vrolijk Foundation gets the women out of their social isolation, they work on their psychosocial problems and solve them. They develop trust and believe again in their own abilities.

MUCS Atelier

mucs atelier - ceylin en durul

MUCS Atelier is the work of Ceylin and Durul, designers and makers who aim to create eco-friendly, warm wooden designs. Inspired by movement and organic form, each piece is carved and finished by hand in their home studio and woodshop in Istanbul. Their current works include hand-carved spoons, bowls, serve boards and objects carved from various wood species sourced locally.

All parts finished with mineral oil an beeeswax. They also suitable with foods. Some handcarved woods has slight textures and enhance the inherent beauty of the natural material. Each piece of wood is transformed into an object and is brought together with the design of the tree.

MUCS chooses their precious woods to carve from maple, mulberry, walnut, olive and cedar. They will become more beautiful with ages.



Fascinated by the crafts in Istanbul,the German designers Laura Jungmann, Dorothee Mainka, Pierre Force, Jonathan Radetz Florian Saul and Michael Wolke travel to Istanbul. Together they want to experience the impact of the environment, the city, as well as traditional production structures have on the design process and the design itself.

In historical craft districts Sishane and Galata you will still find a variety of small workshops. Each craftman is a specialist in specific materials or techniques. With the most simple machinery and within a minimum amount iof space, work is done and non- existing tolls improvised. Almost anything becomes possible as the individual craftsmen work hand in hand, supporting each other with their special skills as needed.

The noise, the old and the new, the improvised and the temporary – all the stories that are told and all the experiences shared, the constant change and all the unpredictable aspects of life. What fascinates and captivates the designers of Istanbul’dan is the versatility and complexity at hand. On their travels around Istanbul they consciously move outside the boundaries of their comfort zone. ‘We want to discover, learn and act’.

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