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Touch bench

touch bench 02a (bewerkt handm) touch bench 03 (bewerkt handm) - 2 touch bench 04-5 touch bench 05 (bewerkt hand) touch bench 07 (bewerkt handm) touch bench 02b (bewerkt handm) - 3 touch bench 06-4

Touch bench

To touch is both to feel physically and sense emotionally. Touch is a collection of universal benches and other objects. Their special quality lies in the hand-carved surfaces that engage our instinctive impulse to feel something, and reflect our hunger for more tactile surroundings in the digital age. The benches are hand-made in Bosnia Herzegovina using Zanat’s wood carving skills, current nominee for the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. The carvings on the benches take two man-days to execute and – since the craftsmen carve the pieces at random, without drawings – each bench is unique as no two carved surfaces will ever look the same. Touch Bench is available in wood or cast bronze legs (without backrest).

(Designers: Studioilse) .

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