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Goat hair is the fundamental material of qatmer rugs and the entire process of production is purely handcrafted. the goat hair is cut, spun and dyed by hand. after sorting colors, rugs are woven on a weaving chair. Resembling to the general principle of all other handcrafted goods, each qatmer rug is one of its kind.

Goat hair is a favorite material for rugs and kilims for many reasons. similar to human hair, goat hair is covered with a smooth and protective layer, which makes the goat hair stain resistant. textiles from goat hair are often used as rugs and tents in warm countries as a protection method against snakes and scorpions. due to the rough texture of the goat hair strings, such animals cannot move, creep or climb on the surface.

each rug/kilim/kelim is designed in germany and handmade in turkey. Esthetic, design and functionality are the grounding elements of qatmer. fair trade, work ethic, respect towards people and nature are the values.

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