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Nera stool

nera stool 03 (bewerkt handm) nera stool 02a (bewerkt handm) nera stool 04 (bewerekt handm) nera stool 05 (bewerkt handm) nera stool 02c (bewerkt handm) nera stool 06 (bewerkt handm) nera stool 07 nera stool 02b (bewerkt handm)

Nera stool

Made entirely in solid wood, Nera stools are characterized by simple and tender sculptural beauty. They come with several different hand-carved patterns which enhance the stool’s tactility and each carving pattern gives a distinct character to the stool. The stools look like pieces of decorative art, but are also highly functional. They perfect for seating in a lounge setting, but can also be used as side tables and can be added as extra seats at a dining table. The stools come in black-stained maple and ash or oil-finished European walnut.

(Designer: Monica Förster)

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