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hamam towels

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hamam towels

The areas around Denizli (southwest of Turkey) are famous for the weaving quality. Our hamam towels are coming from this area.
The hamam cloths in Turkey are still being used to cover the body in the Turkish baths ('hamams'). Because the hamman cloths absorb as much moisture as a standard towel and does not take much space in a suitcase, the hamam towel is also practical to use as a beach towel or -the small version- as a dishcloth.

Depending on the fabric and weaving techniques, the hamam towel lends itself to the sauna , beach, yoga or as Pilates mat. Because of the variety of designs and colors, hamam towels are also popular as a baby cloth or shawl.

The hamam towels in the YurtCollection are made by brands 'Hammam34' and 'Lalay'. All cloths are woven by hand and can be washed in a washingmachine. We advise to wash them without a fabric softener. The more often they are washed, the better they absorb moisture.

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