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fiber pattern Lamp

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Fiber Pattern Lamp

The Fiber Pattern Lamp is made of resin-impregnated fibers. The fibers are wound with a industrial robot around a mold in geometric patterns. The result is a lightweight and strong lamp. The diameter is 25 inches (63 centimeters).
The first serie has an UFO shape and available in the colors: Charcoal Black, Chalk White and Copper.

The copper pendant, the braided cotton cord and the Edison style bulb are the details that complete the style.

Recently the colour Iridescent is added to the collection. This design is inspired by the lightness and iridescent colours of dragonfly and butterfly wings. Atelier Robotiq created a more open fiber pattern, as well as a pigments to mimic the iridescent effect of the wings on the fibers.

Design: Atelier Robotiq

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