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blankets and coverlets

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blankets and coverlets

The blankes and coverlets of Nice to have. me and Lalay are part of our collection and are selected because of their quality and craftmenship.

The Nice to have.me knitting collection is perfect to keep you warm in gloomy days. Hand knitted with 40% wool, 60% premium acrylic fibers, available in the colors burlywood and grey.

Dimensions: 170 cm X 210 cm.

Cleansing: 30º gentle wash / gentle dry.

The coverlets of Lalay are handwoven in Babadag, a village at the top of the Badadağ hill at the south west of Turkey. The coverlets are 100% cotton and gentle for the skin. These coverlets can also be used as a table cloth because of the fabrics and the washer resistance.

Dimensions: 170 cm x 220 cm.

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