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about YurtCollection

The Silkroad is a result of people from different cultures meeting and exchanging ideas from past to present. We think meeting each other inspires and stimulates people. Even today the Silkroad inspires designers and artists. YurtCollection connects, a connection between East and West.

Our name


Actually, our name is inspired by the Turkish word Yurt, which means home in Turkish and is the home of nomads in Central Asia. The word Collection is like most Western European words derived from Latin and means litterally 'to gather or collect'. YurtCollection is a connection between the Eastern and Western language which is also refelected in our designs. For centuries the Silk Road created a valuable exchange of views, knowledge and culture between the east and the west. Now, YurtCollection is striving to create a new exchange of views, knowledge and culture through inspiring and contemporary design.

About us


YurtCollection unites my passion for product design with my roots. The journey of my ancestors from Central Asia to Anatolia, and the journey of my parents to the Netherlands serve as inspiration. Troughout history we have seen the development of tremendous knowledge and expertise in many fields of craftsmanship and I believe this process must continue with a modern approach. Leaving room for innovation, sustainability and new traditions such as re-use of materials.

My name is G├╝ler Berk, I am the owner of YurtCollection. I have got my hands full with all the upsides of YurtCollection and I am happy that my sister helps me with other aspects of running a business.

Our philosophy


Responsible made by people with passion for their work is our philosophy. YurtCollection designs are made of natural materials, and if possible recycled or waste materials are used, so materials are granted a second life. In addition, we strive to improve the position of women; by having a paid job, they earn an income and are therefore independent. We sellect our designs carefully and work closely with our designers and artisans to get the best quality product, but responsible made.

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