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YurtStore is the inspiration store for contemporary design of young designers from the Silk Road and designers inspired by the Silk Road. Craftsmanship, natural materials and re-use of materials make these designs unique. Some designers express their story by using traditional crafts. Some designers find inspiration in re-use of materials. And others find passion in colour and traditional fabrics to make your place a home. Actually, our name is inspired by the Turkish word 'Yurt', which means 'home' in Turkish and is the home of nomads. For centuries the Silk Road created an exchange of valuable goods, views and culture between the east and the west. Now, YurtCollection is striving to create a new exchange of valuable goods, craftmanshift and culture through inspiring and contemporary designs of young designers from the Silk Road.

new in yurtcollection

uniqka zero haning lamp naturel

There are many ways to create design, but blending craft and design is still favorite.

I am really excited to announce that the young label UNIQKA from Istanbul is part of YurtCollection. For their Zero Collection they teamed up with the Dutch designer Jacob de Baan, a perfect connection between the East and West.

UNIQKA is a design brand, creating unique objects with the aim of making the world a better place. Carrying forward the heritage of art and craftsmanship of four generations, UNIQKA offers timeless pieces for living spaces. UNIQKA designs focus on craft and material. The emphasis is on the versatility and elegance of leather.

upcoming exhibition

thee cultuur safranbolu markt

Tea stories along the Silk Road

This fall we will share pictures, stories and traditions of the tea culture along the Silk Road. The exhibition is in the YurtStore and online (facebook, instagram, twitter). We will also host tea ceremonies, tea tastings and offer you the tasty samovar tea in the YurtGarden.

You can be a part of the exhibition. How? Send your tea culture picture or story with the #YCteaculture via facebook, instagram, twitter or email info@yurtcollection.com
We will collect all #YCteaculture weekly and share them via our social media event. And the most beautiful picture and the most touching, interesting or relaxing story will be a part of the exposition in the YurtStore.

brandstore ZANAT

zanat invitation

YurtCollection introduced for the first time to the Dutch audience the young label Zanat. In our inspirationstore in The Hague we have a dedicated space for the furniture and accessories of Zanat. Drop by to see all the beautiful designs of Zanat. We have also all materials as samples in the store.

The stunning artisan techniques of this Bosnian label is listed on the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List to be protected. Zanat teams up with talented designers like Monica Förster and Studio Ilse to make sure that these ancient techniques fit very well in this time.

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