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YurtStore is the inspiration store for contemporary design of young designers from the Silk Road and designers inspired by the Silk Road. Craftsmanship, natural materials and re-use of materials make these designs unique. Some designers express their story by using traditional crafts. Some designers find inspiration in re-use of materials. And others find passion in colour and traditional fabrics to make your place a home. Actually, our name is inspired by the Turkish word 'Yurt', which means 'home' in Turkish and is the home of nomads. For centuries the Silk Road created an exchange of valuable goods, views and culture between the east and the west. Now, YurtCollection is striving to create a new exchange of valuable goods, craftmanshift and culture through inspiring and contemporary designs of young designers from the Silk Road.

Silk Road flavours in YurtGarden


In order to give all designers a stage during Designkwartier festival, we have converted the YurtStore. The furniture of the Bosnian label Zanat has got a place in the store, the spot is ready where 'Blue Alchemy', the series of vases from Siba Sahabi, will be exposed. A new set of lighting of Atelier Robitiq has also been hung, the Otura Basic set from Rianne Koens has got a nice place and the rugs of Dostcha Living have arrived.

During the Designkwartier festival you will find in the YurtStore a program that stimulates all senses. In addition to beautiful designs that are a pleasure for the eye, it is also thought of the inner man.

The YurtGarden serves a variety of 'Silk Road' flavors. What about a light lunch plate consisting of different homemade tapenades from the south-east of Turkey with delicious bread? If you have an appetite for a hearty lunch, we offer a lunch plate with various salads with a Mediterranean flavor, such as a bulghur and a potato with lentil salad. Even if you're into something sweet, you're in the YurtGarden at the right place. Our tea is traditionally prepared in a semaver as you can drink in the countries along the Silk Road.

Take a moment and indulge yourself in our YurtGarden.

Meet our designers at Designkwartier


During Designkwartier festival the gathering of designers with different backgrounds and various crafts is a good example of what I would like to accomplish with YurtCollection as a platform.

Meeting and exchanging insights is the basis for the creation of beautiful new ideas and designs.

On 19-21 May, you can meet designers of five labels that are currently or soon to be found in YurtCollection. In this post I introduce three designers to you.

Design designer Rianne Koens of the Otura Designs label is present on Friday to explain her vision and the creation of her modular furniture. Each cabinet can be used separately and can also be combined to create a unique furniture.

The beautiful Fiber Pattern Lamp series is a beautiful example of a design that combines technology with traditional arts and crafts. Atelier Robotiq will also present their newest design, fresh from Milan into YurtStore: OUT OF ORDER lamp, a collaboration with design studio BCXSY.

Every carpet is unique and has a story. Seval van Dostcha Living is also on Friday in YurtStore to tell about the creation of and stories about ancient and authentic carpets from Turkey.

Blue Alchemy and Zanat at YurtStore

post 3 - blue_alchemy_1 (copy)

During coming Designkwartier festival, designer Siba Sahabi will be in the YurtStore with her bright blue edition of iconic felt vases, called ‘Blue Alchemy’. Siba is a true example of east meets west. Her designs show that an encounter between East and West creates an enrichment in art and design.

In her collection of seven vases made of felt, Siba revives the color 'Egyptian blue' and brings us back to an old ceramic workshop that served as a laboratory for alchemical experiments. Siba's vases are handmade from wrapped colored felt strips. An enlarged glass tube is placed in each felt vase, which allows the water to hold

With pride we present a new label at YurtCollection that perfectly fits our vision. The Bosnian label Zanat uses ancient techniques that have been nominated for the ‘Unesco World Intangible Cultural Heritage List’, but unites in contemporary design. East and West, present and past, it all comes together with craft and design in Zanat's designs.

With five aces in their field, delicious Silkroad-tasting flavors plus a DJ in our garden, and a pop-up showroom of the furniture brand 'VRIENDEN' in the house above the YurtStore, there are plenty of reasons to come to my store at Designkwartier. Hope to meet you soon!

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