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YurtStore is the inspiration store for contemporary design of young designers from the Silk Road and designers inspired by the Silk Road. Craftsmanship, natural materials and re-use of materials make these designs unique. Some designers express their story by using traditional crafts. Some designers find inspiration in re-use of materials. And others find passion in colour and traditional fabrics to make your place a home. Actually, our name is inspired by the Turkish word 'Yurt', which means 'home' in Turkish and is the home of nomads. For centuries the Silk Road created an exchange of valuable goods, views and culture between the east and the west. Now, YurtCollection is striving to create a new exchange of valuable goods, craftmanshift and culture through inspiring and contemporary designs of young designers from the Silk Road.

summer in the city!

ontbijt zeeheldenkwartier

Even during the summer we have tons of fun activities in our neighbourhood Zeeheldenkwartier!
Starting with the Instatour on Saturday the 24th, during this tour along the nicest hotspots you get tips and tricks for the best Instagram pictures. On Wednesday 28th of June official opening by our mayor of the Zeeheldenfestival at 18:00h on the Prins Hendrikplein which will end on Sunday July 2nd. Saturday July 1st we will have an extra edition of the Flagshipmarket on the Prins Hendrikstraat.


hammam34 summertime

Now the sun is out, it’s time to go out! Our hammam towels are also perfect as a picnic rug in the parc.
The textiles of label Hammam34 are handwoven by a small community of craftspeople near the region Denizli in Turkey. They use the finest natural materials, like linen, cotton and bamboo and weaving techniques are dating back for centuries. Without any machine but with a contemporary design and colour palette.

brandstore ZANAT

zanat invitation

YurtCollection introduced for the first time to the Dutch audience the young label Zanat. In our inspirationstore in The Hague we have a dedicated space for the furniture and accessories of Zanat.

The stunning artisan techniques of this Bosnian label is listed on the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List to be protected. Zanat teams up with talented designers like Monica Förster and Studio Ilse to make sure that these ancient techniques fit very well in this time.

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